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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Vintage-Iris & Amethyst

A present from my boys they know my dream is to go to Paris, on my 60 birthday & live in a caravan & become a flower child/hippy visiting markets selling my photography-art & buying more vintage, barefoot and ''HAPPY''

thank goodness I have another ''ten'' years to save for my trip! 

Had a lovely day today. Our Sunday mornings always start at our local market!  ''Wonderful''coffee, fresh flowers & a love of old things.Thank goodness my husband enjoys buying the fruit & vegg. So I can be in my element, secondhand vintage stalls, LoVe them! when I came across these lovely things, I had to have them! 


Happy birthday mum,

Had to have the Amethyst, somehow have a feeling you were behind this one mum! 


Beautiful old Amethyst! Stone of inner peace & healing, sign of my zodiac Virgo 

I love it ! 

this neck-less is really gorgeous! no stamp or any think but truly a lovely old vintage, in perfect condition can't wait to where it ! 

two lovely lace & beaded-peal  tops

yes same ones, but they are wonderful?

Lace & more lace, lovely & my size, told you it was a lovely, 'Sunday!

Classic look,will look very nice with black!

''Beautiful'' aquamarine antique earning.What a lovely day.

PS not really diamonds but !!!! you all knew that a!!!!!!

not a good photo my camera had the shakes no lunch!heeeheeeeee have a great week my friends.....

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