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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Gold Coast is almost all grown up!

The architecture is as good as any' in any big cities around the world, 

Gold Coast beach's are like pot's of gold & diamonds rolled in to one' we are rich in shopping centers & restaurants we are very spoiled we have it all & we want to share it with tourist any day' 

anytime of the year; you are welcome to holiday where only the best will do! 

Fabulous coffee shop's, yummy ice cream & just a great relaxed holiday feel to this great place!

Tram ready to take you shopping Pacific Fair you need a good pair of comfy shoes believe me you

 will never want to leave ( next blog) & girls & boy's you really could shop till you drop'

 so worth the holiday.................

Summertime maybe gone but blue ''never'' our winter's are the best in the world!

 Surfers Paradise beach.... 

Wonderful night markets, what better way to end your day!

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 5-10 pm

Silver Steve' doing what he does best entertaining!  

Can you see my orb at left hand corner of my image I think it is letting me know I'm on the right journey (taking photo's & blogging)

Only manage to get half of a fabulous image, a little like my post only a tiny tiny piece of the Gold Coast, there is so much more to my corner of the world, if your thinking of holiday Gold Coast style  go for it'  you will LoVe it!

 until next time hope you enjoy!........

Thank you for you visit have a great week.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

''Wherever You Will Go''

What put this man in a pensive mood was it his wife' ( NeVeR) was it the gentle rocking of the train going from Brisbane to Gladstone was it the great music' was it the beautiful scenery! 

was he wishing, was his imagination floating down river!

I really like to think his master hahaa was actually enjoying our train trip, its like you get to tour an art galley of gorgeous paintings' one after the other & each one has has a very unique brush stroke.

Then lunch & lovely glass of red a great movie, read & back to the art gallery!

In this painting they have used an old Australian  prop the wonderful old Hills clothes line remember when you were small jumping on swinging around & around, See its not just a train trip it takes you back to your childhood!

Stopping at Bundaberg is like going back in time' the old train station has that wonderful feeling of apple pie & ice-cream, I wish I could of got some images (next time ) of the love that embraced the faces, the Australian vision of LoVe Actually as people greeted one another!

 Is the red light  trying to tell you to Stop & think about your next holiday, treat your self to a train trip you wont be disappointed!

 Thank you for your visit enjoy your day........... 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Brooke's ''Secret'' fashion is out!

                                            Designer doll's bridesmaid / party / ball gown's....

Beautifully designed with tiny rose bud detail

pretty pastels' sparkles & wing's to mach ! 

My daughter Brooke has many talents' beautiful Artist, rocking chair maker' makeup artist & latest passion designing doll's dress' & they are beautiful!

 Sewing comes natural to Brooke, not like her mother she knows how to finish her work'!

Little girls would LoVe these dresses l'm sure!


                                              Party time!
                                        Wonderful birthday presents' don't you think!

roses & lilac

Yellow & diamonds a girls best friend

Thank you for your visit' any enquirers please leave a message' thank you have a great week!  

Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas & pigs do fly!!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy new year. Well this is my last blog for the year & as my computer is badly over heating & has to go into repair shop. I would like to say a huge thank you for your visit's during this year & wish you all a merry merry Christmas & wonderful holiday. And to keep in mind its not all about how much we spend on presents but on how much time we take to really appreciate loved ones, each other & family & friends and even if we can't see them at this time of year' we can send them so much love!

 This year the world has had some terrible terrible sadness & evilness' many will not be able to get over specially at this time of year, my heart goes out to you xxxx 

 We must look to our future with love in our hearts we only hear about the bad but there are so many many wonderful people all around us my Christmas wish is that one day we can all live in peace on this big beautiful planet............ 

And for the none believers you know the whole I don't believe in Santa' Think again as I have seen for myself while driving in the back seat of my sons car a flying pig in the sky really I did! hahaaa 

Pets get in the Christmas cheer ' Scouty my daughter's doggy loved her Christmas massage!

Enjoy setting your table' & have  fun as for us its a table on the balcony, turkey & roast potatoes' late lunch grandchildren s crazy  giggles & paper everywhere............. 

Early morning walk on our LoVeLy beach, are we not the luckiest people'' who live next to the ocean!

So its by by from me till next year keep safe see you all next year! 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A hint of ''CHANEL''

My Hubby keep's asking me ''what do you want for Christmas'' 

so I though I would leave him a few hint's !

Emm..........what do you think ? I would say half a tiny drop left!

I put this next to his coffee cup this morning !

                        I asked BJ to read my last blog' he didn't move the ''CHANEL No 5 ''
                                                 that I left on my computer!
                                            hahaa knowing BJ he probably didn't even notice

''Chanel'' for me & a dinky toy for him sound's like a good idea don't you think?  

 Merry Christmas everyone ! 

Thank you for you'r visit & enjoy a ''CHANEL'' Kind of day!