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Thursday, 8 August 2013

New granddaughter/new handbag!

             Your mummy & daddy little brother too

                  have waited so long to meet little you!

 We had a wonderful stay, meeting our new baby granddaughter, she is beautiful & looks a lot like her mummy when she was born! I started to reminisce! remembering  my first daughter,my first child being born,her little dimples she got from her father & how scared I was taking her home!Today most dad's get maternity leave. I think I would of loved that idea ''Its brilliant'' bonding at its best!  Watching my daughter now with her new born & small child her life so busy & getting up several times a night for feeds endless ''tiredness'' having hubby home to help is priceless! 

But never the less ''my girl'' now needs new dresses, jeans, shoes, another handbag so she can give the new/old handbag to her beautiful 'mother' sorry my other lovely daughter but its 'mommy dearest'' turn! 

                  So back to WORK ''young man'' XXXX



      Ten little toes !

                        Little Munchkins tea party! 

funny how  nonni had tea and cake several times a day! every day for a week. Can you believe it!  Nonni never put any weight on!!!! And my darling four year old grandson the day before I was leaving said to me ''Nonni'' are you going back home. Because you are''bored''......Nonni ''bored'' I ask you! ''NEVER''

                       true LoVe ---Nonni-love xxxxxxx


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