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Monday, 30 March 2015

Miss Piggy goes to Market to market wearing a ''red'' bow

Miss Piggy all dressed up with red bow of to market to market ''that is Queen street market'' ..............

 Not only do they have to be up way before sunrise a lot of the market stall holders travel quite a distance then they have to set up tent' almost like a theater they have to not only have fresh food their tent is like a stage & the people buying are the audience so the actors have to put on a great show for the audience to come back for more!

Everyone likes a big Sausage.....

Wonderfully  ''Fresh'' fruit & veggies grab a snack for lunch,take home for the week who needs the big supermarkets......ok 

Now this is my ''favorite of all everybody knows I'm a flower nut This particular morning I wanted to buy them all & take them home with me I felt sad as I only had my camera with me' Anywho I asked the lady if I could take some photos' she's as lovely as her flowers!


Can you imagine carrying all these boxes & that's only half of what you see I need a mango just thinking about it Oooooooooooo mangoes & ice cream!

Ee ''bah gum'' that's a lovely bargain!

Yes we have no ''bananas'' we have no bananas tooooooo day!.

Popcorn popcorn get your ''poPcorN''

Thank ya thank ya ''very much'' happy day everyone!

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