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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Gold Coast University Hospital at it's best!

Barry my husband has had a Medicine stress test for his heart at the new Gold Coast University hospital' The procedure was in two parts one being on Monday the other being on Wednesday Barry was not looking to having a second does of this medication put in his body' male nurse Casey was very compassionate & reassuring Barry though the procedure 


no one looks forward to blood test or as Barry was having medication to see  pictures of his heart' Barry was very brave & I was even braver taking images of  this hahaa so glad I didn't faint!

joking aside thank you for letting me take these images as its show's  people the day in the lives of nursing & their patience........

 Listing to patients concerns & putting there fears to rest is part & parcel of being a great nurse' Casey you did a top job Barry & I thank you very much!

 surrounded by lovely nurses 

Thank you Yvonne for taking great care of  Barry on the Monday .

There was another nurse sorry we did not get her name but if you know who we are talking about please could you say thank you to her from Barry & I........ 

      Tahne had the perfect patient 

      Thank you very much Tahne!

Barry had entertained the people in the waiting room

Barry thought he was on the foot show talking about the football had them laughing & disagreeing & agreeing about footy. (Vicki who needs a Tv) Then it was time to say good by to the lovely Vicki & Heather who work very hard yet can still have time for a laugh with visitors' Gold Coast University Hospital  well done you!

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