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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Gold Coast is almost all grown up!

The architecture is as good as any' in any big cities around the world, 

Gold Coast beach's are like pot's of gold & diamonds rolled in to one' we are rich in shopping centers & restaurants we are very spoiled we have it all & we want to share it with tourist any day' 

anytime of the year; you are welcome to holiday where only the best will do! 

Fabulous coffee shop's, yummy ice cream & just a great relaxed holiday feel to this great place!

Tram ready to take you shopping Pacific Fair you need a good pair of comfy shoes believe me you

 will never want to leave ( next blog) & girls & boy's you really could shop till you drop'

 so worth the holiday.................

Summertime maybe gone but blue ''never'' our winter's are the best in the world!

 Surfers Paradise beach.... 

Wonderful night markets, what better way to end your day!

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 5-10 pm

Silver Steve' doing what he does best entertaining!  

Can you see my orb at left hand corner of my image I think it is letting me know I'm on the right journey (taking photo's & blogging)

Only manage to get half of a fabulous image, a little like my post only a tiny tiny piece of the Gold Coast, there is so much more to my corner of the world, if your thinking of holiday Gold Coast style  go for it'  you will LoVe it!

 until next time hope you enjoy!........

Thank you for you visit have a great week.

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