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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

''Wherever You Will Go''

What put this man in a pensive mood was it his wife' ( NeVeR) was it the gentle rocking of the train going from Brisbane to Gladstone was it the great music' was it the beautiful scenery! 

was he wishing, was his imagination floating down river!

I really like to think his master hahaa was actually enjoying our train trip, its like you get to tour an art galley of gorgeous paintings' one after the other & each one has has a very unique brush stroke.

Then lunch & lovely glass of red a great movie, read & back to the art gallery!

In this painting they have used an old Australian  prop the wonderful old Hills clothes line remember when you were small jumping on swinging around & around, See its not just a train trip it takes you back to your childhood!

Stopping at Bundaberg is like going back in time' the old train station has that wonderful feeling of apple pie & ice-cream, I wish I could of got some images (next time ) of the love that embraced the faces, the Australian vision of LoVe Actually as people greeted one another!

 Is the red light  trying to tell you to Stop & think about your next holiday, treat your self to a train trip you wont be disappointed!

 Thank you for your visit enjoy your day........... 

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