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Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas & pigs do fly!!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy new year. Well this is my last blog for the year & as my computer is badly over heating & has to go into repair shop. I would like to say a huge thank you for your visit's during this year & wish you all a merry merry Christmas & wonderful holiday. And to keep in mind its not all about how much we spend on presents but on how much time we take to really appreciate loved ones, each other & family & friends and even if we can't see them at this time of year' we can send them so much love!

 This year the world has had some terrible terrible sadness & evilness' many will not be able to get over specially at this time of year, my heart goes out to you xxxx 

 We must look to our future with love in our hearts we only hear about the bad but there are so many many wonderful people all around us my Christmas wish is that one day we can all live in peace on this big beautiful planet............ 

And for the none believers you know the whole I don't believe in Santa' Think again as I have seen for myself while driving in the back seat of my sons car a flying pig in the sky really I did! hahaaa 

Pets get in the Christmas cheer ' Scouty my daughter's doggy loved her Christmas massage!

Enjoy setting your table' & have  fun as for us its a table on the balcony, turkey & roast potatoes' late lunch grandchildren s crazy  giggles & paper everywhere............. 

Early morning walk on our LoVeLy beach, are we not the luckiest people'' who live next to the ocean!

So its by by from me till next year keep safe see you all next year! 

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