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Monday, 22 July 2013

our very own Baby Princess.........

Today our brave beautiful daughter & her husband and big brother welcomed to the world their very own little baby Princess

Pink pink and more pink, always remember my darling baby granddaughter, 'Pink Diamonds' are a girls best friend. We must remind your very handsome granddad it nana's birthday coming up soon!

Look what nana has kept all these years.....Hope it doesn't scare you?your uncles, seams to think it might give you night mares, Your mummy loved her so much xxxx 

PS.... don't listen to your Uncles!

Nana's work is never done, hugs and kisses, kisses and hugs, kisses kisses and more kisses,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

''Oh Darling little ''princess how clever of you to 

share your birthday with little Prince..........

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